Choice goodness

An exclusive range of treasures of taste that recreate the pure pleasures of great Italian and international patisserie.

Superior flavour resulting from:
• top quality ingredients
• traditional recipes of true finesse
• haute patisserie craftsmanship

The ingredients used by Dolceria Alba are those found in good food guide standard patisserie, and the products are prepared by enthusiastic experts.
The desserts are produced by modern methods and immediately frozen to preserve the freshness, purity and intensity of the flavours.


Our desserts: prettier, tastier, healthier 

No hydrogenated fats:
to bring out to the full the natural flavour of the ingredients used in our recipes.
No preservatives: for better storage we have chosen hi-tech chilling methods which preserve the taste properties in the fresh product.

To offer connoisseurs of refined sweetness moments of sheer pleasure.