Global Standard for Food Safety and IFS (International
Food Standard) certified by CSQA - ISACert Italy

Packed with reliability... and goodness

Opened in 2006, the dessert factory was conceived and built using state-of-the-art production and chilling technology designed to guarantee total food safety while remaining faithful to authentic traditional flavours.

Controls begin “upstream”

Each step in the production is monitored and controlled through supplier selection and qualification, purchasing specifications, incoming raw material checks, and ongoing staff training and development.
Dozens of microbiological analyses are performed every day in the in-house laboratory, in addition to the sensory analyses carried out during the entire production cycle.

Certified quality

As well as complying with the export standards applied throughout the European Union, Japan and the United States, Dolceria Alba has chosen to adhere to GSFS e IFS certification standards: a further guarantee for every customer of the quality of its products.